2024, Apr 10

Is incognito mode safe?

You're probably familiar with this concept: when you need to look up something online without having your browser history recorded, you can open a private or "Incognito" window in your browser. . Most modern browsers have a private browsing window feature. These Incognito windows are
2024, Jan 04

Automatic updates: A seemingly simple feature

We recently introduced an auto-update feature to our app that offers the same convenience that iOS and Android users experience through their app stores. This means that all users of our app on major platforms will automatically receive the latest version of Rice VPN without the need to download
2023, Dec 15

How to view and delete Incognito history

You may have heard of the terms "private browsing" or "incognito mode." This is a mode that does not save any information in the device's web browsing history. This mode is available on Google Chrome as Incognito Browsing, Mozilla Firefox as Private Browsing, and Internet

Privacy News

2023, Dec 12

Public Wi-Fi: How can a VPN protect you from dangers?

Public Wi-Fi networks have now become an indispensable part of everyday life, giving us the ability to connect to the Internet everywhere we go. Whether it's in coffee shops, airports, or even hotels, public Wi-Fi is popular in every area. However, have you ever learned about the security risks
2023, Dec 09

Why do hackers target cryptocurrencies? How you secure your cryptocurrency

With more than 420 million cryptocurrency users globally and the emergence of more than 12,000 cryptocurrencies around the world, it is expected that the market value will reach 2.2 billion USD by 2026. Cryptocurrency sector Digital technology is expanding rapidly, creating many opportunities but
2023, Dec 08

Protects you from app tracking

What is tracking software?  Stalkerware, a widely marketed spying application, allows users to monitor the activities of people with whom they have a personal relationship. Although tracking software is often popular for monitoring employees, there are also people who choose to use it to
2023, Nov 30

Users improve access speed thanks to virtual private network (VPN)

Virtual private networks can help users avoid bandwidth throttling based on activity, but this doesn't always work.  What is VPN used for?More than 31% of netizens globally, or more than 1.2 billion people, confirmed the use of virtual private networks (VPNs) according to a survey
2023, Nov 22

How to stay anonymous in online chats

Limit the personal information you include in your profile  Instead of applying your personal photo in your profile, consider using images of landscapes, animals or food. Similar to when choosing a pen name or nickname, avoid using images that may be related to your personal interests or
2023, Nov 20

What is a VPN and why you (REALLY) need it in 2023

A virtual private network (VPN) is a convenient application designed to enhance users' online security and privacy. By transmitting online activity through its own servers and encrypting information in transit, a VPN helps hide potentially personal data such as location, browsing history and
2023, Nov 18

The importance of a VPN for your studies and work life.

Nowadays, more and more people around the world are choosing to use VPNs, and I'm especially interested in this new approach online. This pushed me to start a research to better understand why this technology has become so popular among young people and online communities.  After doing

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