2024, Feb 22

How to watch Netflix outside your home with a VPN on mobile

Step 1: Download the Rice VPN appDepending on whether you're using iOS or Android, download the Rice VPN app appropriate for your device's operating system, then log in to your Rice VPN account.Step 2: Choose a VPN server from your countryLaunch the Rice VPN app, then connect to the VPN
2024, Feb 19

What are vicious attacks and do they worry you?

A malicious attack is a form of malicious cyberattack, typically occurring in public locations such as coffee shops, airports or hotels, in which the attacker sets up a fake WiFi network. This fake WiFi network is created to imitate a legitimate network, but its purpose is to trick users into
2024, Feb 16

How much do countries invest in their digital departments?

Cyber security is not simply about technology; it is about the ability to predict and respond to risks that could threaten economic stability and national security. As cyber attacks become more common, a country's defense against these threats becomes an extremely important area of protection.

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2024, Feb 01

History, functions, benefits and advantages of VPN

1. Development history of VPNThe emergence of virtual dedicated networks, also known as virtual private networks (VPNs), originates from customer needs, wanting to have effective connectivity between subscriber switchboards (PBXs). ) via wide area network (WAN). In the past, group telephone systems
2024, Jan 29

VPN for Expats makes your stay abroad easier

Virtual private networks (VPNs) play an important role in opening the digital doors for individuals abroad, giving them access to online resources where they live. From keeping up with local information to using banking apps, VPNs have become an indispensable tool for users around the world. Thanks
2024, Jan 24

Does VPN drain battery?

Every activity on a mobile device or laptop consumes battery power, and using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is no exception. The encryption and decryption process is simple but requires computing power, which a VPN must perform every time you connect online. But the question is: How much battery
2024, Jan 20

Why updating your operating system (OS) is important

Many people turn to VPN Rice to protect their sensitive information. Ensuring the security of personal data is our top priority, and we employ advanced encryption methods in all of our applications, ensuring that your information is never fall into the hands of those with bad intentions.
2024, Jan 19

Personal data security: 5 user-recommended methods.

In recent years, data collection, storage, and analysis have become an integral part of many operations. The dramatic increase in the volume and variety of data has posed new challenges in information management. In this context, security issues are increasingly becoming a top priority, especially
2024, Jan 16

VPN for beginners: Essentials for beginners

For every four people who use the internet, one of them regularly uses a VPN. However, do you know exactly what a VPN is and how it works? Maybe you want to understand better but are hesitant to ask for fear of complicated technical information? If so, no need to worry, because we have prepared an
2024, Jan 12

Slow Internet Speed and Tips to Improve Internet Speed

All of our daily activities increasingly depend on the internet, the problem of connection speed becomes a challenge for many people. Slow internet speed not only creates obstacles in browsing the web, watching videos or playing games, but also affects remote work and learning. This article will

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