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2023, Dec 08

What is tracking software?


Stalkerware, a widely marketed spying application, allows users to monitor the activities of people with whom they have a personal relationship. Although tracking software is often popular for monitoring employees, there are also people who choose to use it to control their partners or lovers.
The use of tracking apps is on the rise and has expanded into the mobile realm. During 2021, Malwarebytes, a cybersecurity service, announced that the number of detections of stalkerware on smartphones reached a record level with 54,677 alerts recorded.
An important difference between tracking software and spyware is that tracking software is typically used by individuals, while spyware is typically used by governments and law enforcement agencies. to track and monitor their goals.
Communication monitoring application
This layer of tracking software is designed to record phone calls and record the keystrokes of every text and email you send.
Location tracking application

An app that is capable of tracking GPS coordinates or estimating location via the Wi-Fi network the user is connected to can become a powerful tool for gathering information about the user. Location data can reveal a lot of sensitive information about individuals and daily habits. When combined with other forms of information, location data can give any hacker or stalker a comprehensive view of a victim's life and activities.
For example, a vengeful individual might use tracking software to install on their ex's cell phone, thereby tracking their every move and discovering new details about their daily lives. day. This abuse of location tracking apps can open the door to privacy invasions and create a detailed picture of the target audience, increasing the risk of unwanted actions and threatening privacy. personal safety.
The application steals files and private data

These apps work by monitoring the user's device to detect any changes, then transmitting that information to a server that can be easily accessed by a stalker. This becomes especially dangerous when victims contain sensitive data, including photos, videos, and other types of records related to their personal lives.
Among the most popular tracking apps, Cerberus and Reptillicus operate anonymously, help trackers read messages from third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, and also provide access to text messages and view photos and videos in multimedia galleries. Additionally, some other tracking apps also allow users to monitor calendar events, take screenshots, access contacts, and even take photos from the device's front camera.
How to detect and remove stalker apps on your mobile device
Signs of stalker software
There are some signs that you may have tracking software on your smartphone, such as:
1.Your smartphone acts strangely after being left unattended


2.Unusual processes running in your task or application manager
3.Your battery drains faster than usual
4.Unusually high data usage on your smartphone
5.Your device may restart or restart unexpectedly
6.Your device is heating up faster than usual or is overheating in general
7.Your smartphone may also light up when in standby mode
8.Permissions changed on apps and services
Identify and remove stalker apps on iOS

Checking for unknown apps is one of the most effective methods for detecting tracking software on your mobile device. If there are any apps you don't remember installing, you can check them by clicking and checking each one yourself. If you still have doubts about the reliability of an app, you can always search online for its name to get more information.
Checking for unknown configuration records is an important step. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Device Management & VPN. If you discover an unknown configuration profile, you should check its functionality and delete it if necessary to ensure safety.
Looking for signs of jailbreak is also a way to protect your device from tracking software. Although installing software on an iPhone is quite difficult due to Apple's restrictions, it is still possible if an attacker can jailbreak the phone. Check for unusual apps and the presence of an alternative app store like Cydia instead of Apple's official App Store is a possible sign that the phone is jailbroken.
Finally, performing a privacy checkup according to the list Apple provides is an important measure to protect your personal data from exploitation by malicious individuals.

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