How to stay anonymous in online chats

2023, Nov 22

Limit the personal information you include in your profile


Instead of applying your personal photo in your profile, consider using images of landscapes, animals or food. Similar to when choosing a pen name or nickname, avoid using images that may be related to your personal interests or hobbies. Choosing the default image from the platform you use will provide the best results.
Choose a pseudonym or alias for your profile name
Most cross-platform instant messaging apps and basically all forums allow you to set a name and profile picture. It's probably best to stay away from nicknames or pet names that can easily become attached to you. Instead you should use:
1.A random username generator.
2.A random sequence of numbers and symbols.
3. Literary or fictional character.
Set up your account with a phone number or disposable email address
Some services such as Skype or Telegram offer the possibility of registration without requiring the use of a mobile phone number, especially a SIM card number. This way, you can ensure the safety of your primary phone number, avoiding the risk of intrusion when participating in group chats or participating in forums that you regularly participate in.
Limit the information you give out about yourself
Whatever activity you're doing, share only the necessary information. For example, if you make an online transaction and have a face-to-face meeting with the seller, mention keeping all communication through the app. You can also choose to transact in cash to increase safety.
Use apps with end-to-end encryption
Limit the use of chat applications that do not support end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to ensure the privacy of messages from third-party observation. Most popular chat and messaging apps today have built-in end-to-end encryption, including Signal, Telegram (though not by default), WhatsApp, iMessage, and Threema.
In case you connect with someone you just met online through forums, it is ideal to move your chats to chat apps that feature encryption for added security, instead of continuing to use The forum's chat service may not be secure. Always be careful when interacting with people you have just met online.
Use privacy extensions to block trackers
Installing privacy-focused extensions on Firefox or Chrome browsers (like Chrome, Brave, Edge, Vivaldi, etc.) can help prevent trackers and cookies from tracking online activity. your route. Here are some apps we would recommend:
1.Privacy Badger: This is a tool developed by EFF, aimed at preventing tracking parties when they try to track the pages you visit.
2.uBlock Origin: Is an open source ad and tracking blocker that helps users control ad display and prevent online tracking activities.
Use privacy extensions to block trackers
For further enhancement, the use of a web browser specifically for online forums is recommended. This way, you can use that browser to interact with people with similar interests on forums that are not related to your main personal account.
Use VPN!

Using a VPN is a great legal solution to protect your IP address and location from tracking by the apps and websites you visit. It also provides security for your online activity from monitoring by ISPs and third parties like public Wi-Fi providers. Most importantly, however, remember that this does not mean that the service you are using will not track and store information about your web activity. For example, Google may know about your search history, the same way Facebook can track activity on your account.

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