What is a VPN kill switch and how does it work?

2024, May 10

You're sitting at your favorite coffee shop, enjoying a cup of bitter coffee and trying to get some work done online. Suddenly, your VPN loses connection without you even realizing it. This often makes your web browsing activity insecure, with the risk of being tracked by third parties such as your Internet service provider, Wi-Fi administrator, or hackers. But luckily you have activated the kill switch.
VPNs are created to protect your online privacy, and the kill switch feature keeps this protection in place. When your VPN connection fails, this feature instantly stops all Internet traffic to and from your device, ensuring that your personal information is not leaked.
However, not all VPN services with kill switches are trustworthy. VPN RICE features Network Lock, enabled by default, providing an outstanding level of protection. This ensures that your data is always protected, even when your Internet connection is unstable.
Join us to learn how kill switches work, discuss the different types available, and why VPN RICE's Network Lock provides an unprecedented level of security you can trust. .
What is a VPN killer?

VPN shutdown is an important tool that helps protect your digital activity from unnecessary leaks. The way it works is quite simple: although a VPN encrypts your Internet traffic and passes it through a secure tunnel, there are cases where the VPN connection fails. When this happens, your device may automatically switch to an insecure Internet connection, potentially revealing your IP address and data. If your VPN has a VPN shutdown feature, it will automatically react to lost connections by completely stopping Internet traffic on your device, helping you avoid the dangers of unsecured connections. guard.
However, a reliable VPN shutdown tool like Network Lock does more than just react to connection loss. It also blocks any outbound traffic from your device through the VPN. This means you'll be protected even if a malicious or misconfigured application tries to take your traffic outside the VPN. If you have enabled VPN shutdown features like Network Lock, your traffic will be blocked instead of allowed to pass through unprotected tunnels.
Why do I need a VPN kill switch?
You probably won't feel the need to flip the off switch if you're just engaging in social networking activities or browsing your favorite websites - low-risk activities. In such cases, if your VPN connection is interrupted, you can continue browsing as normal without the VPN until the connection is restored.
However, for situations where security is a top priority or if you want to keep your privacy as high as possible, the kill switch feature ensures security, privacy, and privacy. assurance. It works by taking you off the Internet during times when you're not protected by a VPN, ensuring that your data isn't exposed when your connection drops.
Protect your identity
A kill switch is an important protection tool that helps protect your online identity by preventing the disclosure of your real IP address. This ensures that you are not being tracked in an unwanted way and that your real location is not revealed, as your real IP address can be connected back to you.
Data privacy
The kill switch ensures a consistent level of encryption for your data transfers. When the VPN loses connection, it prevents data from returning to an unencrypted state, thereby protecting your data from interception by third parties.
Prevent surveillance
In areas with Internet censorship or surveillance, using a kill switch is absolutely necessary. It prevents your default connections from being monitored or restricted, thereby ensuring that you are not tracked or monitored while accessing the Internet.
Prevent attacks
When you use public Wi-Fi in places like coffee shops or airports, you could be exposing yourself to an unsecured network, opening the door to man-in-the-middle and other attacks. To ensure your online safety, using a VPN is important. The VPN's disconnect feature is also a useful option, helping you automatically disconnect from the Internet if the VPN is interrupted. This helps protect your personal information from the risks of using unsecured public Wi-Fi networks.
Different types of VPN kill switches


Application-level VPN kill switch
The application-level kill engine provides selective protection, allowing you to select specific applications to disconnect from the Internet if your VPN connection is interrupted. This approach allows you to protect important activities like web browsing and banking, while continuing to use less sensitive applications like music streaming without interruption. However, this flexibility may come at the expense of comprehensive security, as unselected applications remain unprotected.
System-level VPN kill switch
A system-level kill switch provides the strongest protection by completely blocking all Internet traffic if your VPN connection fails. This comprehensive approach ensures that no data can leave your device outside of the secure VPN tunnel, effectively preventing any potential data leaks across all apps. use. When using these switches, any network traffic not routed through the VPN will be blocked, ensuring that your device never sends unencrypted data.
Which type of kill switch should you choose?
While application-level kill switches are suitable for users who want to control specific applications, system-level kill switches are often recommended to ensure a higher level of security. They ensure that every bit of data transmitted is encrypted and secure, making them the best choice for those who prioritize privacy and comprehensive protection. RICE VPN's network lock acts as a system-level VPN kill switch, ensuring you are fully protected by blocking all traffic if your VPN connection is interrupted.
When is the VPN kill switch activated?
Lost VPN connection: A common scenario when a kill switch is triggered is when your VPN connection suddenly drops due to server issues or connection problems.
Switching between VPN servers: When you switch from one VPN server to another, there may be a short period of time where the VPN is inactive. The kill switch will be active during this process to prevent any data leakage.
Changing networks: If you switch from one network to another, for example from home Wi-Fi to mobile data, there may be a few seconds where the VPN doesn't protect you. The kill switch ensures that this switch does not leak your personal data.
Trying to bypass the VPN: The kill switch doesn't just react when the VPN connection is lost. It also activates when traffic tries to bypass the VPN. If there are malicious or misconfigured applications trying to take your traffic out of the VPN tunnel, the kill switch will block it.
Sleep and wake transitions: Devices may lose their VPN connection when going to sleep or wake up. To prevent any accidental data leakage, the kill switch feature will activate until the VPN connection is re-established.
Unstable internet connection: If the internet connection is unstable, the VPN connection may also be unstable. The kill switch will activate in this case to maintain the security of your data.
Is the VPN kill switch enabled by default?
Not all VPN providers enable kill switch by default. However, setting the default option to "off" can pose a risk to users if they don't realize they need to enable this security feature manually. If the automatic disconnection feature is not enabled, when your VPN connection is suddenly lost, your data could be leaked without your knowledge, exposing your personal information and online activities. your route.
The main concern here is the problem of accidentally revealing your real IP address and other sensitive data during periods of VPN inactivity. These leaks are especially dangerous on unsecured public Wi-Fi networks, allowing third parties to observe your activity.
How to choose the right VPN kill switch
Obviously, kill switches are an integral part of maintaining your privacy and security online. So, before choosing a VPN, you should check whether a kill switch feature is offered, as well as how it works across different devices and operating systems. Here are the key factors to consider:
Enabled by default

Obviously, kill switches are an integral part of maintaining your privacy and security online. So, before choosing a VPN, you should check whether a kill switch feature is offered, as well as how it works across different devices and operating systems. Here are the key factors to consider:

Protection level
Understanding the level of security provided by a kill switch is important. Ideally, it will automatically completely block all Internet traffic if your VPN connection is lost, preventing any data leaks. This is especially important in environments where network stability is a primary concern.
Platform availability
Before choosing a VPN, check if the kill switch feature is supported on all devices and platforms you plan to use, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and routers. If the kill switch feature is not available on a particular device, ensure that an equivalent feature such as RICE VPN Network Protection is available.
User control
Consider how much control you have over the kill switch settings. You may prefer the ability to enable or disable this feature depending on your specific needs.
Transparency and trust
Choosing a VPN provider that is transparent about how kill switches work and the limitations that may appear on different platforms is important. Trusted vendors will provide detailed information about their security features, allowing you to make an informed decision.

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