How to make your phone battery last longer

2024, May 06

We've all been through this situation: We're about to meet someone important, but our phone gives us a red battery warning. At that time, you will usually apply one of two methods: continue using as normal and hope you arrive on time and find them without problems, or temporarily turn off your phone to save battery.
Worrying when the battery is about to run out is a state that anyone can experience. Here are some suggestions to help you avoid battery drain when your phone is in the red, reduce battery drain gradually throughout the day, and in general, improve your device's battery life for longer. Use longer.

Settings to use less battery on your phone
Use low power mode
When your phone is running low on battery and you need to extend its usage time, switching to power saving mode is the easiest and most comprehensive option. When this setting is applied, many features will be reduced or disabled to reduce power consumption. The phone may stop automatically checking for messages, performance may slow down, voice support may be turned off, and many other settings will be adjusted. This is a convenient setting that allows you to perform multiple tasks with just one switch.
Use Airplane mode
When you switch to airplane mode, all communications related activities on your phone are turned off, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data. This is a quick way to completely pack your phone if the battery is draining quickly. Battery consumption will be significantly reduced if you do not use the phone for any other task.
Use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data
In general, using Wi-Fi consumes less power than using mobile data. The reason is that on cellular data connections, phones are constantly scanning for the strongest signal and switching between cell towers. Mobile data also has to travel farther than Wi-Fi. So when you're within range of a Wi-Fi connection you trust, turn off data to save power.
Let your screen lock sooner
Of course, having the screen turn off every 30 seconds can be annoying, especially when you're trying to follow an online recipe. However, if you often experience your phone's battery draining too quickly, shortening the time the screen turns off when there is no activity could be part of the solution.
Limit push notifications
Every time you receive a notification on your phone, the screen automatically lights up, consuming a small amount of power. This is why reducing the number of notifications you receive can help save battery life. This said, there are benefits to simplifying and preserving peace in your digital life — because do you really need to know who "liked" your Instagram posts or news stories? Latest in your area?
Turn down the brightness
The screen is the main battery drainer on your phone, as it needs to be constantly illuminated to display content. Higher brightness settings require more power because they need to use more light to illuminate the screen. Keeping screen brightness lower can help save battery life.
Turn on automatic brightness
Auto brightness, also known as adaptive brightness, is a feature that adjusts the brightness of the display based on ambient light conditions, ensuring that the display remains legible in a variety of environments. By automatically adjusting brightness according to ambient light, this feature saves battery life, using only the brightness needed for comfortable use.
Use dark theme
That's right, we're still discussing screen brightness. Dark mode uses a dark background with light text and elements, which can reduce the overall brightness of the screen. Using a dark theme can save power while still providing a comfortable feeling of use, especially in the middle of the night.
Turn off some sounds and vibrations
A lot of people find their phones making unnecessary clicking and vibrating sounds, making them feel uncomfortable and often turn them off. This action also has the benefit of saving energy. Common features to disable include clicking sounds when typing on the keyboard, screen locking sounds, and brief vibrations (haptic feedback) during these tasks.
Identify apps that drain your battery
You can easily see which apps are using the most battery on your phone. Typically, you'll receive information about the apps you use frequently. However, if any apps are draining your battery excessively compared to normal usage, it may be a sign to stop using them or delete them. VPN apps, for example, often consume a lot of battery, so if you need to save battery life, turning off the VPN for a while can be helpful.
Turn off location services
Location services make weather apps, maps apps, and other apps convenient, but they can also drain a lot of battery. Location services are often based on GPS, which requires constant communication with satellites. Additionally, many apps and services use location data in the background. If you choose to use the servicehigh-precision positioning (e.g., more accurate determination of your location), which is another factor that increases battery consumption.
Quit all applications you are not using
While it's usually not necessary to quit apps running in the background (and in fact, keeping them open can be beneficial), there are situations where quitting them can help reduce battery drain. Other reasons include freeing up RAM to improve your device's performance and possibly enhancing privacy.
Don't let background apps refresh
Background App Refresh is a smartphone feature that allows apps to periodically update their content in the background, even when you're not using them. This explains why when you open social media, email, news or weather apps, you often see the latest information displayed immediately. Turning off background app refresh may make you wait a minute or two for the app to load new information, and it may mean you don't get notifications about updates.
How to keep your battery healthy

The life of a phone battery usually ranges from 2 to 5 years, depending on the user's usage. In addition to implementing the tips to use less battery as mentioned, there are some better ways to treat your battery to extend its life:
Avoid tropical environments: Avoid leaving your phone in the sun or in a car on a hot day to prevent high temperatures from damaging the battery.
Make sure to charge the battery regularly: Even if the device is not used for a long time, it is still important to charge the battery periodically to prevent the battery from losing performance or stopping working completely.
Avoid overcharging: Do not let your phone charge more than 100% as this can cause trickle charging, increase temperature and contribute to battery wear over time.
Use an official charger: Use an official phone charger provided by the manufacturer to ensure correct voltage and current delivery, helping to protect the battery in a safer and more effective way than using Using unofficial or out-of-specification chargers.
Phone always dead? Tips for old batteries
If you frequently have to charge your battery when you're out and about, it could be a sign that your battery is aging and worn out, or that you simply use more energy than most people. Here are some practical suggestions to reduce anxiety when your battery drains:
Check battery health: Take your phone to a repair or service center to have the battery checked. They have tools to check your battery health, helping you know if the problem is with the battery or there is another cause.
Consider purchasing a new battery: If you're using an older device, purchasing a new battery may be a good option. While the price can range from $50-100, a new battery can significantly improve your experience and extend the life of your device.
Use a power bank: Carrying a power bank will help relieve worries about the battery running out when you go out. They are usually compact in size and do not take up much space.
Use public power outlets: Bring a spare charger or use power outlets available in cafes and other public places to charge your phone when needed.

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