2023, Nov 20

Reasons why VPN causes slow Internet connection and how to solve it

What affects VPN speed?There are many factors that cause a VPN to slow down an Internet connection, and below are the three main factors in descending order.  1. Distance to VPN serverThe most important factor affecting Internet connection performance when using a VPN is the geographical
2023, Nov 11

Threat Management Feature Update: Enhance System Security

To face increasingly advanced threats, significant improvements in threat management are needed. Updating threat management is an important step in protecting important information and data. 1. Threat Insights: This feature improvement helps system administrators have a clear and detailed view of
2023, Nov 10

How to fix common VPN problems when VPN won't connect

Why isn't my VPN connecting? 1. Restrictions from firewalls or antivirus software2.Countries that block VPNs3.Problem with VPN server4. Weak or unstable Internet or Wi-Fi connectionHow to fix VPN not working1. Check your firewall settings A prevention firewall is built with the purpose of

VpnRice News

2023, Nov 04

7-Day Free Rice VPN and 30-Day Refund Policy

In today's digital world, protecting privacy and cyber security is more important than ever. VPN (Virtual Private Network) Rice has arrived with a commitment to premium protection and performance, offering users a completely unique 7-day free experience, along with a 30-day refund policy . * 7
2023, Oct 18

Do you need a VPN on your iPhone?

Your iPhone is considered a full-fledged computer, always connected to the network and capable of doing almost anything a desktop or laptop computer can do. However, the big difference from many traditional computers (including Android phones) is that iPhone users must comply with restrictions on
2023, Oct 17

Your Rice VPN app upgrades new services and features

Every day, millions of people around the world use Rice VPN services to enjoy a better Internet experience, whether it's to access their favorite content or ensure their privacy while they're active. online. 1.Block access to objectionable contentYou have more control over your digital
2023, Oct 12

Only 3% of people use a VPN for work, with the majority using it for this reason

According to a survey, only 3% of respondents said they use this technology for work.VPN (virtual private network) is probably no longer strange to many Internet users today. This is a technology that supports setting up virtual networks and helps users more easily access blocked websites.According
2023, Sep 13

Rice iOS VPN App: Latest updates and software upgrades

VPN Rice for iOS is full of new features that we can't wait for you to use. Below are highlights of the new features and app improvements we just released.Best iPhone VPN Apps for iOS in 2023Get your Internet back with a risk-free VPN app for iPhone or iPad.Built for iOS 15 and 16For iPhone 11,
2023, Aug 16

Exclusive Experience: Join the VPN Rice Beta Program for Android Apps

Are you looking for an opportunity to experience in front of people? Let us introduce you to the Rice VPN Beta Program - an exclusive opportunity for you to be the first to experience our brand new Rice Android VPN app.VPN Rice has worked tirelessly to bring you the best and most reliable VPN
2023, Aug 16

VPN Rice Successfully Connects to Canada and India

VPN Rice, your trusted companion in online data protection, has expanded its network to include Canada and India in the list of connected countries. This is an important step forward in helping us bring online safety and freedom to more people around the world.With its network expansion to Canada

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