Your Rice VPN app upgrades new services and features

2023, Oct 17

Every day, millions of people around the world use Rice VPN services to enjoy a better Internet experience, whether it's to access their favorite content or ensure their privacy while they're active. online.

1.Block access to objectionable content
You have more control over your digital health with the new feature in our adult website blocker. This new feature marks an advancement in online protection, and it's an extension of our other advanced protection features. We use open source blocklists to block ads, trackers, malicious websites, and adult websites. This helps you browse the web more safely and comfortably. We continuously review and update this blocklist to ensure that you are always protected from the latest threats.
2. Hide intrusive display ads while browsing the web
The average person is faced with hundreds of ads every day, and our new ad blocker has been designed to help reduce that annoyance. These ads are not only annoying but can also be detrimental and slow down website loading, as well as consume your data. Our new feature automatically removes most image ads and prevents them from loading and appearing on your browser.
We recommend using this new ad blocker in conjunction with other premium protection features, such as Threat Manager, to not only prevent you from seeing ads but also prevent trackers that third parties such as advertising companies can use to track your activities online.
3.VPN servers in nearly 100 countries
In response to your feedback, we've expanded our server network to nearly 100 countries. This means you will have greater flexibility to access a wider variety of IP addresses and a wider choice of servers to meet your location-related requirements.
4.Automatically updates with the latest features and security enhancements
The auto-update feature is especially useful for users in countries with Internet restrictions and cannot easily access VPN Rice's website to perform manual updates to their apps. With this feature, applications will automatically update when new versions are available, ensuring that all users stay connected and digitally protected continuously.
We recommend that you quickly upgrade to the latest version of our desktop and mobile apps to experience the new features and improvements. Your feedback is a valuable source of encouragement for us to continuously strive to improve and bring the best value to you.

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