Only 3% of people use a VPN for work, with the majority using it for this reason

2023, Oct 12

According to a survey, only 3% of respondents said they use this technology for work.
VPN (virtual private network) is probably no longer strange to many Internet users today. This is a technology that supports setting up virtual networks and helps users more easily access blocked websites.

According to Nikkei Asia, more and more people around the world are using VPNs. It is estimated that there are currently 1.6 billion users of this network technology, equivalent to about 1/3 of the total number of online users globally.

Allied Market Research data shows that by last year, the global VPN market (including both individual and business users) had grown to $44.6 billion – an 80% increase compared to $25.4 billion. in 2019. Research experts estimate that the above market will reach 75.5 billion USD by 2027.

VPN services come in many different flavors, from paid services primarily aimed at businesses to free smartphone apps. Encrypted data when using VPN helps ensure the safety of Internet users.
Adrianus Warmenhoven - consultant of startup company Nord Security specializing in providing VPN services for individuals, shared: "The Internet has never been so complicated. People have a high demand for tools that help them access restricted websites. A decade ago, Nord Security only had about 100,000 users and VPNs were not technology for the average person, but today we have more than 10 million global customers.”

Last year, the company successfully raised $100 million, reaching a valuation of about $1.6 billion and becoming Lithuania's second unicorn.

According to research by Atlas VPN - a subsidiary of Nord Security, the highest usage rate of VPN applications is in many regions in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, including Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE). ) and Qatar. The rapid diffusion of this technology is also evident in Western countries, including the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany.

In a survey of Rice VPN customers, a major VPN provider, 43% of respondents said security was the main reason they used a VPN. Only 3% say they use a VPN for work.

Realizing the market's potential, several US tech giants have begun introducing exclusive services aimed at people who want to protect their identities online. Last March, Google announced that it would provide VPN connection functionality for Google One users - a paid cloud service for individual users in 22 countries.

Since 2021, Apple has offered iCloud Private Relay (a VPN-like function) to customers using its paid cloud service. The company said this function could make it impossible for third parties to identify the websites users visit on Apple's Safari browser.

According to Paul Ashto - Nord Security's representative in Japan, in addition to business uses such as working remotely or for personal purposes, VPNs are also popular in countries where governments strictly censor and restrict access. access certain parts of the Internet.

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