How to unblock blocked websites for 2024

2024, Apr 17

It seems undeniable, and this is an annoying fact of life, that not everyone can access every website. Sometimes, it may be government agencies or your internet service provider that is blocking you. In other cases, the website operators may do it for some unclear reason. But no matter the situation, we'll show you how to overcome those barriers - and many more!


1.Best way to unblock websites: Use VPN
VPN (Virtual Private Network) works by routing data from your device through a VPN server and encrypting every bit of information. This helps keep your IP (Internet Protocol) address secret from the website you're visiting and hide your traffic from your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
A good (read premium) VPN is the most comprehensive way to overcome barriers, no matter how they are implemented. Some of these barriers are network firewalls that block IP addresses and DNS, root access to your browsing data and sites that look up your IP, and restrict access based on your location. Friend.
2.Use browser extensions

When talking about VPNs, there is a similar option - browser extensions that allow you to access restricted content the same way VPNs do. You can basically set up a Chrome extension like you would set up a VPN:
Download VPN.
Open the Chrome Web Store and select the Add to Chrome option.
Log in and connect to the server you like.
Although you can access blocked websites this way, remember that browser extensions only encrypt browser data.
3.Use proxies
The proxy routes your traffic through the proxy server... and that's it. It's like a shortened version of a VPN and the only thing it does is give you a different IP. That means that since your traffic will be routed through the proxy, local firewalls won't block you because they will only see you connecting to the server, not the website you're actually heading to. .
4.Get Smart DNS
Smart DNS is like a combination of DNS and a proxy - with DNS being a service that converts web addresses into IP addresses for devices to actually use in online communication.
This service maintains a list of websites. When it detects that you want to access a site or service that participates in geoblocking, it routes your traffic through a proxy to make it accessible. Because you don't use proxies often, your internet traffic is usually faster.
A great way to get Smart DNS is to become a RICE VPN subscriber and follow this guide on how to use RICE VPN Smart DNS. One of the bigger benefits is that you don't need to install it, but unlike a VPN, it doesn't encrypt your connection or handle complicated blocks.
5.Change browser or device permissions
Sometimes, the limitations you encounter aren't that complicated. In fact, it could be as simple as your system or browser permissions being tampered with or a firewall getting in the way. In these cases, you don't need to do much to unblock the website.

6.Use an HTML to PDF converter to download restricted content
HTML to PDF converter sites take a snapshot of an open web page and convert it to a PDF for you to download. How has this worked for you? Well, it's not your device accessing blocked websites but the PDF conversion service. Therefore, as long as the service is not blocked on your device, you can download the PDF version without penalty.
However, this is not real browsing. The PDF file will only contain snapshots on one page. You will not be able to freely navigate the website via hyperlinks, watch videos or interact with other interactive objects. At best, you can find a new URL to put into the PDF converter to download another page.
7.URL shortener

A URL shortener site (like takes a long, hard-to-remember/type-out/match web address and turns it into a short, easy-to-remember URL. This can be used to your advantage. Take the URL of the blocked website you want to visit and shorten it. Use the new link - this will overcome the most basic blocking methods at your school.
8.Google translate

Go to the Google Translate website, click the Websites button, and paste the URL of the website you want to visit. The translated version will be routed through Google servers and therefore your firewall will consider it harmless.
Of course, if Google itself is blocked, this method will not work.
9.Use IP addresses
Your device doesn't understand what means. It asks the DNS server to turn it into an IP address. That's what computers and those things use to communicate - IP addresses.
So if your block is very basic and URL-based (like a DNS-based block), you can get around it by finding the site's IP through something called a WHOIS lookup. Find a website that does that, look up the IP of the website you want to visit, and enter the IP in the address bar.
Is it legal to use a URL unblocker?
Outside of some countries, using a VPN is not illegal so you won't be breaking the law simply by using it. However, if you do illegal activities while using a VPN — like watching pirated movies — you could still get into trouble.
Using unblockers on streaming sites may violate their terms and conditions and there have been cases where they have blocked users.
When governments engage in online censorship, the problem can become quite serious. However, this really depends on local laws and there are no hard and fast rules that apply here.
So you see, in most cases, simply unblocking YouTube won't do you any harm.
Disclaimer: Please note that use of the RICE VPN service for any illegal activity is strictly prohibited and violates our Terms of Service. Ensure that any use of the RICE VPN service for your particular activities is in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, including those of any service provider and which websites you visit using RICE VPN.

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