Do you need a VPN on your iPhone?

2023, Oct 18

Your iPhone is considered a full-fledged computer, always connected to the network and capable of doing almost anything a desktop or laptop computer can do. However, the big difference from many traditional computers (including Android phones) is that iPhone users must comply with restrictions on downloading applications from the strictly controlled App Store. by Apple.
The advantage of this is that the iPhone, at least in theory, is considered more secure than more open devices. Therefore, it is reasonable to wonder whether you need to use a VPN for your iPhone. In short, the answer is yes, however, you should consider some important aspects when using a VPN on any mobile device.

What is VPN on your iPhone?
When you use a VPN app on your iPhone (or iPad), you connect to a VPN server run by a commercial VPN service (such as Rice VPN) before connecting to other websites or resources on the internet .
Your phone service provider (or Internet service provider if you use WiFi) cannot determine your activity on the Internet, because all your data, including DNS queries, are encrypted as they travel between your iPhone and the VPN server. They can only recognize that you've connected to a VPN server, but can't track any specific content you access on the Internet afterward.
Websites you visit through a browser, such as Safari, also cannot determine your actual IP address; they only see the IP address of the VPN server you connected to. This helps protect your privacy and provides a layer of protection for your online activity against tracking.
Why do you need a VPN for your iPhone?
1.Stop websites from tracking you
If you're connected to a VPN, websites won't be able to determine your real IP address, which prevents basic and minimally invasive tracking. On iOS, all default browsers are set to block third-party cookies, and websites must receive your explicit permission to access the Unique Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA ) on your phone.
All of this means that using a VPN on your iPhone is especially effective at preventing websites from knowing your identity and tracking you across other websites you visit. However, you still need to be cautious about tactics like browser and device fingerprinting, which can pose a potential risk to your privacy.
2.Protect your privacy when using public WiFi
There are many powerful benefits to using a VPN to protect yourself when using public WiFi. True to that claim, its worthwhile VPN will prevent attackers from hacking into WiFi interfaces, "malicious" WiFi hotspots, and other intrusive methods of accessing your data, especially when you use public WiFi.
Another problem is that many "free" public WiFi networks are actually commercial enterprises, they make money by selling your browsing data (for example, which websites you visited) to advertising companies. reporting and data analysis. Using a VPN will help you browse the web without exposing personal information to public WiFi network servers.
3.Hide your online activity from your ISP and government
VPNs prevent your ISP (including phone service providers) from knowing what you are doing online. Importantly, mass surveillance programs often rely on data collected by ISPs, so VPNs are highly effective in preventing untargeted network surveillance by governments.
However, it should be noted that VPNs do not guarantee complete protection against targeted personal surveillance measures carried out by governments.
4. Defeat censorship
Governments around the world are using every means to control access to the free and free internet, restricting citizens from accessing unbiased information and interacting with the international community online. .
VPNs have proven to be one of the most effective measures to overcome these barriers. By using your iPhone to connect to VPN servers located in uncensored locations, you can escape restrictions and enjoy a free and open internet.
5.Block ads and malware
While VPNs don't always have DNS filtering, some VPN apps offer this functionality.
The Rice VPN app on iOS, for example, includes the NetShield feature, DNS filtering, blocking of ads, malicious scripts, and many other types of tracking that the iOS operating system cannot prevent automatically.
6.Stream your favorite shows away from home
Because of copyright issues, most streaming services you subscribe to often don't work when you travel, or they show different categories of titles based on the country you're in.
A VPN is a tool that lets you enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, and sporting events on your iPhone, even when you're abroad.
If you own a Rice VPN account, you have the ability to unlock many popular streaming services, allowing you to watch the content you've paid for, no matter where you are in the world.
What is the best VPN for your iPhone?
VPN Rice offers a free VPN service with no data limits, no artificial speed limits, and no impact on your privacy. We also have a full-featured iOS app. With a VPN on your iPhone, you can browse the web with much more privacy than just trusting Apple to protect it for you. You can also bypass censorship and use your phone safely on public WiFi.

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