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2024, Mar 27

Have you felt like an invisible race, with weak Wi-Fi signals making you tired and videos constantly waiting in buffer? Your choice of router can completely change your Wi-Fi experience. This guide will show you how to choose the right router for your home that offers high speeds, great coverage, and the extra features you need for a secure and smooth experience. but on the internet.

What type of router do you need?
The router is an important part of your wireless network. The primary use of the Wi-Fi will determine the appropriate type of router:
1.Basic web browsing and email: If your needs are just web browsing and sending and receiving emails, a basic router will meet your requirements.
2.Stream HD videos: To watch HD videos without buffering, you need a router capable of handling at least 50 Mbps. This ensures smooth streaming.
3.Online gaming: Gamers need a router with low latency and QoS features to prioritize game traffic, making the gaming experience smooth and responsive.
4.4K and VR streaming: For these activities, you need a high-performance router that supports Wi-Fi 6 and speeds in excess of 100 Mbps to ensure a smooth and lag-free experience.
5.Travel: Portable travel router is designed to connect to public Wi-Fi networks easily. They provide VPN protection, securing all connected devices—which is important on public networks.
6.Number of connected devices: The number of simultaneously connected devices affects the overall speed of the network. MU-MIMO technology can handle multiple connections efficiently, especially in homes with multiple connected devices.
7. House size and layout: House size and layout also affect signal strength. Large or complex homes may need a mesh Wi-Fi network or extender to ensure strong, even coverage.
Consider how much you want to spend
1. Budget-friendly (Under 100 USD): If you are just a regular Internet user with a small house and basic Internet package, a router under 100 USD may be the right choice. Look for dual-band Wi-Fi 5 models with at least some LAN ports for wired connectivity.
2.Balance between price and performance (100-200 USD): This price segment often attracts many users. Routers in this range offer a good balance between price and features. You can expect Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6 with features like parental controls or guest networks, enough to satisfy most people's needs.
3.Enthusiast and performance options ($200 and up): If you have a large home, many devices, or are a serious gamer, you may need a high-performance router. In this price segment ($200 and up), you'll find routers with top features like Wi-Fi 6E, tri-band technology, beamforming to focus signal strength, Powerful processing for smooth data handling and advanced security options. This category also includes mesh Wi-Fi router systems, which are scalable to cover even the largest homes or offices, with prices that can exceed $1000 for coverage comprehensive signal.

Check ISP compatibility

There are several ways you can determine your router's compatibility with your ISP:
1.Contact your ISP: The simplest method is to contact your ISP directly and ask about their recommended or compatible routers. They can even provide you with a list of recommended models.
2.Check the router manufacturer's website: Many router manufacturers provide information about compatibility with ISPs on their websites. You can search for a compatibility checker or search for a list specific to your region and ISP.
3.Read reviews online: Reviews from users on retail sites, YouTube, or tech forums may mention compatibility issues with specific ISPs. However, for the most accurate information, you should prioritize confirmation from your ISP or manufacturer.
Check speed support

Make sure the router you choose is actually compatible with the speeds you've paid your ISP for. This is especially important if you are using a high internet speed such as gigabit internet (1000 Mbps). Having the best internet speed available doesn't mean much if your router can't take full advantage of it!
Information about supported speeds is usually easily available from the retailer where you purchased the router or on the manufacturer's official website.
Remember that investing in a router with better specifications can be a smart decision, especially if you plan to upgrade in the future or move to an area with fast internet speeds. than.
Look at wireless protocols
Dual-band and tri-band: This is a matter of the number of bands the router uses. Dual-band routers use both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The 2.4 GHz band offers greater range, but is often affected by interference from other devices such as Bluetooth, microwaves, and wireless landlines. Meanwhile, the 5 GHz band offers faster speeds, but is less effective at penetrating objects and has a shorter range. Tri-band routers add an additional 5 GHz band, providing dedicated bandwidth for high-performance devices while maintaining overall network performance.
MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output): This allows the router to communicate with multiple devices simultaneously, improving efficiency and reducing latency. This is especially useful for homes or offices with many connected devices.
Beamforming: Although the name sounds like a piece of science fiction, beamforming actually focuses the Wi-Fi signal toward connected devices instead of broadcasting it in all directions. This improves signal strength and reduces interference, creating a more stable connection.
Use mesh Wi-Fi or extenders: These are methods to expand Wi-Fi coverage using multiple routers or extenders, which eliminate dead zones and provide connectivity Stable over large areas in the home or office.
Use mesh Wi-Fi, extenders, or powerline adapters
1.Wi-Fi Extender: A Wi-Fi extender acts as a receiver and rebroadcasts the signal from your existing router. They receive weak signals, amplify them, and rebroadcast them to expand coverage. While they can be relatively affordable, there can also be reduced performance depending on the initial signal strength.
2.Mesh Wi-Fi: Mesh Wi-Fi system is a multi-device solution that completely replaces your current router. It consists of a main router and additional devices placed strategically around your home. At the same time, they create a strong Wi-Fi network throughout the entire home and eliminate dead zones. Mesh Wi-Fi can be expensive, but is ideal for homes that are large or have complex layouts.

3.Powerline Adapters: Although it may seem strange, powerline adapters send Internet signals through the power lines in your home. Depending on the distance between devices, they can provide a better connection for gaming and reduce latency compared to Wi-Fi connections. However, their performance depends on the quality and location of the wiring in your walls.
Review your router's security standards
1.WPA3 encryption protocol: Choose a router that supports the latest and most secure encryption protocol, WPA3 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 3). WPA3 offers significant improvements over the WPA2 standard, making it more difficult for hackers to crack Wi-Fi passwords.
2.Guest network: Guest network allows you to provide temporary Internet access to visitors without giving access to the home network and connected devices. This is an important security feature, especially if you often have guests over.
3.VPN integration: VPN router brings the benefits of VPN to all devices connected to your Wi-Fi. For example, Rice VPN's Aircove router comes with Rice VPN software built-in, providing convenience and security.
4.Parental controls: If you have children in the house, consider a router with built-in parental controls. This allows you to manage and monitor your children's Internet access effectively and securely.
5.Firewall: Firewall acts as a barrier between your home network and the internet, filtering and blocking potential threats. Most routers have built-in firewalls, but some offer advanced features for added security.

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